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My Story

Your Walls Need Some Love Too!

We all know how it goes when decorating our home walls.  We either just leave them blank or put up anything we can find. 

That's what happened to me when I was trying to decorate my first and only baby nursery room.  Nothing seemed to peek my interest or make me smile. It simply had to be perfect!  So I did what I usually do...did it myself.  So I learned graphic design, created my own nursery decor, feel in love with the process and later opened up shop,  

It all started with a camera and a passport.  

But before designing prints, there was photography.  The creative spark didn't start though until I started traveling outside of the U.S. several years ago.  I took some photography courses at the local college and fell in love with the art of photography.  (photography to be added soon.)  Being able to see something beautiful and recreating it as much as I could in a photograph seemed amazing.  That's when I decided to share my photography...and well here we are, sharing the beautiful views I've seen with you.  


Photographer graphic designer

Wonderlust Wall Art

I believe that you should be able to see beautiful sceneries  and inspirational wall art anytime in your home.  Why not decorate the place where you live your life, where you spend alot of time at, and where you share precious moments at with high quality wall art.  Wall art that is intentional, that inspires and  beautifies your home or office walls.  Here you can find those prints that are perfect if you love life and enjoy a daily dose of motivation and inspiration to get  you through the day.


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